With the exception of "Package Deals", which may have limitations, pricing is based on an affordable flat rate of $60/hr. There are no extra charges for the creation of additional web pages, adding photos/videos, SEO (search engine optimization), inserting computer code/script, etc.  Many companies charge an added fee to create additional web pages ($75 to $150). This is in addition to their hourly rate. In reality, as any web designer knows, it only takes a few minutes and a few mouse clicks to create an additional web page. There are no monthly service fees or entrapping contracts. Compare our pricing and free services and you will find us to be the best.
    Our flat rate applies to all services, whether they are web design, graphic design, writing/editing computer script, product photography or creating content. With our generous flat rate, our Customer's "get what they pay for" at a very reasonable price.  In certain circumstances where travel is required, billing is based on the flat rate and mileage cost.  No matter what your needs, we will always be glad to offer an estimate.

    We don't expect our new customers to know how much time may be involved to create their web site so we offer a No Obligation Free Consultation at the start of the process and once we understand your needs and expectations, we will be glad to quote an estimate based on time required. It all starts with a simple phone call:  (970) 242-9562


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