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   Our Professional Website Designs are affordable and cost effective.  Websites are uniquely designed for each individual business client because no two businesses are the same.  We never lose sight of the fact that the look of your website will be the "first impression" many new customers will get, so it had better look good and be engaging. Based on decades of business experience and marketing, GMM is very much aware of the importance of a company's image and branding in the competitive marketplace.

   The primary purpose of a business website is to increase profits for the Company....period!  There are obviously other consequential benefits that come from having a website, but the "basic reason" is to increase sales and/or services and to increase exposure, and by doing so, increase profits. To that end, we at Grand Mesa Media dedicate our services.

   Why should you choose Grand Mesa Media?  
Professionalism, decades of marketing experience and graphic design, honest, friendly and reliable.
We make businesses look their best at a very affordable price, whether large or small.

   GMM doesn't subscribe to "talking over our customer's head".  Compare our site to other web designer websites and you will see that we don't use a bunch of technological words, phrases and meaningless acronyms to impress our customers. We are here to design a website for you ...We are not here to impress you with technical knowledge. We try and make it as simple as possible for our customers to understand the process of developing a website. Computer design and website implementation are technically demanding but if we find the need to use technical terms, we explain and define them without making you uncomfortable. With us, there is no such thing as a silly question.

5 Rules of Website Design

1. Don't let your children or their friends design your website. Just because they are good at computer games and spend hours and hours on the Internet doesn't qualify them as web designers or more importantly, business marketing specialists.

2. Don't "do it yourself" unless you want a website that looks like you did it yourself. As a business owner, you should spend your time doing what you do best; which is operating your business. When it comes to your Business's image on the Internet, hire a professional.

3. Selecting a Domain Name is not as simple as you may think. There are numerous important guidelines to follow that could possibly make or break your website. A good website designer can guide you through the process of name selection.

4. Unless it has a purpose, steer clear of "bells & whistles" and other tech novelty functions. Just because it can be done, doesn't mean that it has a place on your particular website.

5. Get Involved. Each business is unique and it is unrealistic to think that a web designer can possibly know all the nuances of your business. The more you enlighten the web designer to your business and it's products and/or services, the better the web site will be.


   We are proud to be "Professional Website Designers", not "Web Masters". Let's face it, If your  company has a Web Master, then conversely, your business is probably the Slave.  ... A slave to high priced web antics that send your customers to the competition as well as putting a drain on your budget. More and more, savy web surfers and online consumers are becoming fed up and annoyed by the forced-viewing of web page animations along with obnoxious bells and whistles that many "web masters" incorporate into websites, often for no other reason than to impress other "web masters" with their technical skills.  There is no sound business advantage in irritating your potential new customers.   If you feel your company has been a "slave" to the website design process, contact us.  We will work with you to create a web presence for your company that is based on the "bottom line", that being your company's profits.
   Check out a few of our website designs in the portfolio section and you will see that websites can be clean, classy and easy to navigate at far less cost.



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